Those Fearing Deportation Can Take Solace In Increasing Case Success Rates

Those engaged in the soul crushing game of evading federal authorities for fear of deportation have greater reason to be hopeful of challenging their illegal status these days. A recent report by Syracuse University has revealed that increasing numbers of immigrants have been successful at overturning deportation cases brought by the federal government. According to this release, upwards of 50% of cases end favorably for the immigrants contesting their ouster from the USA, making it the highest rate of success in 20 years for migrants seeking amnesty from immigration officials.

This has allowed them to embark on the path towards legitimate landed immigrant status in this country, with half of the 42,816 individuals brought before the courts in the past 6 months being free to now seek out a life in America. Having taken the brave step out of the shadows and into the light of day, these folks no longer carry the burden of having to act like a fugitive in their own communities, which is an outcome that many of those still out in the cold think is unattainable for them.

The recent emphasis on clearing the legal system of a massive backlog of deportation cases has led the current administration in Washington to direct immigration officials to ignore cases where the deportee in question does not pose a direct or imminent criminal threat to the state and/or the nation at large.

This logjam of cases, combined with the new attitude of amnesty towards migrants that are on the straight and narrow legally, has presented a unique opportunity to those still hiding in fear to emerge from the shadows and take immediate steps towards pursuing legal immigrant status in the United States.

Additionally, those who arrived in country illegally with their parents and are presently of legal working age can pursue a work permit that will allow them to remain in the USA for up to 2 years, which can buy them valuable time to set in motion the steps necessary to gain permanent resident status.

Now Is The Time To Stop Hiding

With legal conditions towards illegal immigrants the most favorable that they have been in a generation, the time to emerge from the shadows and seek legitimate status as an immigrant in America is now.  While the 50% rate of success is encouraging, this still means that there is a statistical 50% chance of failure as well.

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