President Obama Mulls Amnesty For Landed Migrants Following Inaction By Congress

While Obama has stated in previous months that there was only so much he could do to prevent migrants with illegal standing from being deported, it appears that he is intent on flexing the muscle of the executive branch again to prevent this from occurring.

Recent consultations with the White House have revealed that due to the inability of Congress to come up with a workable solution to this nation’s immigration crisis, the president is prepared to step in to break up the gridlock, which threatens to rip apart long established families and foist a labor crunch on countless small businesses across the country.

This unprecedented step by Obama has come about due to the unwillingness of House Republicans to play ball on immigration reform, which would create a way for illegals presently in the United States to attain American citizenship. The president has already extended work permits to those who were brought to America by their parents as children in previous months; this current action is aimed at extending the same protections to their parents, which would keep these tightly knit communities intact.

By committing the same action again, the president risks angering the Republican party, which has openly mused about beginning impeachment proceedings over what they claim is his abuse of executive powers. A decision on the matter is expected sometime after Labor Day, which can’t come soon enough as a sudden surge of children from Central America has pushed the immigration issue to the fore of the national political agenda.

The actions planned in coming months also include an expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which is the initiative that was rolled out by the White House earlier in the year to protect against the unwarranted deportation of children and young adults that landed here as kids. Much of the discussion at the moment is revolving around how to define these groups of people effectively, with considerations including whether to include parents of kids protected under the previous mentioned program, as well as their length of residence in the country or their present employment status.

Yet another approach includes treating the 11 million plus immigrants without official landed status as parolees, allowing them to stay in the country as they pursue citizenship, but on the condition that would impose restrictions on travel and various other behaviors.  Such a move might attract more conservative members of Congress to the table, but little movement on this compromise has been noted.

Sheltering those without a criminal record from deportation has been a key tenet of all the policies that have been floated, These proposals aim to reduce the caseload that immigration authorities have been buckling under as of late, while reducing uncertainty for employers and keeping communities bound together instead of torn apart.

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